Neumünster (TV): Broodmares registered with the Trakehner Verband are automatically updated for the year 2024. This also applies to mares that were newly registered in 2023 or from which a foal was registered in 2023. Exceptions are mares that retire from breeding and are deregistered at the office by December 31, 2023 online via the Gläserne Stutbuch or in writing (by post, fax or email, stating the name and life number of the mare). Deregistrations received after this date can no longer be considered for the 2024 fee invoice. When the last active mare is deregistered, the membership status automatically changes from ordinary to personal membership. Mares already registered that are not currently registered as active breeders but are to be covered in 2024 will require a breeding license. The owners of these mares are therefore requested to register these mares as active for breeding at the turn of the year. Broodmares can also be registered online via the Gläserne Stutbuch, provided they are already registered mares. NHS