Information concerning the Central Mare registrations

The owners of mares to be registered should first, on site, first register with the show secretary’s office, where they hand in the mare’s passport/certificate of origin and receive the head numbers. A mare may only be registered, if the owner is a member of the Trakehner Verband (German Trakehner Association). The owners are asked to enter their horses for registration with the office branch prior to the event (registration 2017), and notify the stud book department as to changes (Tel. 0 43 21-90 27 15). The participating mares have the opportunity to participate in voluntary free jumping at all venues.

The mares will be presented as follows:

  1. Measuring (stick-measure, size of bone in cm and markings)
  2. Liberty Presentation and voluntary Free Jumping
  3. Triangle Presentation on hand
  4. Class Ring (walking on hand)
  5. Possible final ring (in case of respective conformation quality)
  6. Retrieving the passport from show secretary’s office

The breeders are not bound to the regional registration venues in their own breeding district, but the champion mare of a central registration can only ever come from the organising breeding district. Thus, it is possible that the best mare of a show comes from a different breeding district, but cannot be proclaimed champion mare.

Within the breeding districts and the registration dates, the mares are arrayed according to age, and within an age group according to the alphabetic order of their sires. (Thoroughbred offspring will precede the alphabet.)

In every venue, the mares will be into:

a) three-year-old mares
b) four-year-old and older mares.

The three-year-old mares, from amongst which the champion will be chosen, will be the main focus. Every breeder will receive a copy of their evaluation sheets with measurements, grades and their mare’s passport at the show secretary’s office. The registration badges will be put into the passports on site. Only in special cases, the passports will be seized and handed over to the branch office for further processing.

As every year, on the orders of the main board, a junior judge will be chosen from amongst the Young Breeders, who will be part of the commission.