Breeding goal

In 2007, the Trakehner breed will celebrate its 275th anniversary, making it the oldest riding horse breed in Germany which has long been acknowledged as an original breed, even internationally.

Genetically, the Trakehner breed can be traced back directly to the foundation of the Main Stud in Trakehnen by royal decree of the Prussian King in 1732. Even to date, Trakehners are the only riding horse breed bred in accordance with the principles of pure breed, with a high genetic proportion of English and Arabian thoroughbred, Shagya and Anglo-Arabian, and in keeping with the selection criteria set out below.

Our Mission

The Trakehner Verband’s (Trakehner Association) mission is to promote this original breed in its particular, Trakehner-specific form and to ensure the best possible progress in breeding through appropriate action.

The breeding goal is a riding and sport horse of Trakehner type that is rideable and talented for many uses, with good interior values.


Based on the population of warm blood horses of Trakehner origin created in East Prussia, Trakehner horses possess a high percentage of English and Arabian thoroughbred as well as Shagya and Anglo Arabian genes. Trakehner horses have been bred since 1945, in accordance with the principles of pure breed and using the genetic share of the East Prussian warm blood horse of Trakehner origin still available after the war.

Outer Appearance

Colours: all colours
Size: the aim is 160 to 170 cm of height to be measured by stick at the withers.

Type: The Trakehner is the most noble German riding horse breed, characterised in particular by the Trakehner breed type. A desired feature is the outstandingly elegant appearance of a riding horse with great lines that is at the same time harmonious and noble, characterised by expression, nobility and distinctive features. Trakehner type is to manifest itself in a lean and expressive head, a large eye, a well shaped neck, sculpted muscles as well as correct, clearly defined limbs. Breeding stallions and broodmares should also display the typical expression of their gender. Conformation: Desired features are a large-lined and harmonious body which enables the horse to perform in equestrian sport.

These include: a medium long neck that tapers towards the head, good freedom in the throat latch, a large, sloping shoulder, well defined withers that extend far into the back, a functionable back, meeting the requirements for an athletic sport horse and combining movement, swinging, strength and balance, a long, slightly sloping, powerfully muscled croup as well as a harmonious division of the body into forehand, mid-section and hindquarters. Also desirable is a well-defined foundation matching the body, with correct, large joints, medium long pasterns and well-shaped hooves, promising long years of use.

Way of going

Desired are diligent, cadenced and ground-covering basic paces (walk – four-beat, trot – two-beat, canter – three-beat). Movement should be elastic and energetic, developed from the hindquarters, transmitted over a supple, swinging back to the forehand which freely moves forward out of the shoulder. The direction of movement of the limbs should be straight and forward.

At the walk, movement should be supple, energetic and elevated, with clearly defined steps. At the trot and canter, there should be a clearly recognisable phase of suspension, with movements that are elastic, full of impulse and light-footed, carried with natural elevation of the neck and balance. Some knee action is desirable.

Jumping: Desired is elastic, scopey and deliberate jumping, displaying calmness and in Phoneligence. The jumping sequence should clearly show a phase of collecting, a powerful and quick push-off at takeoff, a distinct, quick angling of the limbs, a rounded back with noticeably projecting withers and a neck that is bent downward while the hind legs open up (bascule). During the entire sequence, the flow of movement and the rhythm of the canter should be maintained.

Internal Charecteristics

Performance aptitude, character, temperament and health

Desired is an uncomplicated, friendly horse that is at the same time willing to work, reliable and has strong nerves, a horse that makes a wide-awake, inPhoneligent impression and which, through its appearance and behaviour, displays a good character as well as a calm, balanced temperament.

Undesirable are, in particular, horses that are difficult to handle, nervous, timid or cowardly.

Also desirable are robust health, good mental and physical resilience, natural fertility and freedom from genetic flaws.


Breeding aims at a healthy, large-frame and correct riding and sport horse of Trakehner type with harmonious lines, rideable and suited to multiple purposes, with impulsive, ground-covering, elastic movements. A good character, a well balanced temperament, inPhoneligence, willingness to work as well as endurance and hardness during work are to be particularly apparent characteristics of its internal traits.