Trakehner Youngster Breeder’s Market

Online marketing concept for Trakehner Youngsters

In order to bring clients and breeders together as early as possible, the project of the Trakehner Youngster Breeder’s Market was successfully established last year. In the first step of the marketing concept, breeders are given the opportunity to present their young horses during the months of March and April.

Further information

Online marketing concept for Trakehner Youngsters

With representatives of the Trakehner Association, a concept for these young riding horses will be developed with the acceptance to the Breeder’s Market, whereby close cooperation with proven training stables is required in order to be able to regularly document the progress of the Youngsters and thus create optimal marketing opportunities.

Together with the videos and photos created as well as other relevant horse data (pedigree, description texts, etc.), a clinical and radiographic health certificate, including the associated X-ray images, is then uploaded to the well-known online platform of the Trakehner Association. Only registered bidders can view the health documents.

As with the Trakehner hybrid and online auctions, it is also possible to submit an online bid after registration or log-in. Unlike the pure online or hybrid formats, however, it is a price offer that the seller can accept (horse is sold), reject or make a counteroffer. The interested party now has the opportunity to accept this or again has the opportunity to make another counteroffer . As soon as an agreement is reached, the horse is sold and marked as such.

The big advantage of this format, in contrast to the established auction possibilities, is that the interested parties can decide for themselves at which stage they want to actively intervene in the events. So the new riding horse can already be secured at the beginning of the auction or after a few weeks of observation with the risk that another interested party is faster…

Regardless of the option for online bidding, however, a direct purchase process between the seller and the interested party is also possible. Contact details such as e-mail and telephone number will be published. In this way, viewing appointments can also be arranged directly.

This system allows the seller to decide for himself to which client he entrusts his horse. Thus, a purchase decision can also be made on the basis of whereabouts or the sporting perspective.

Registration and eligibility requirements

For the Trakehner Youngster Breeder’s Market, Trakehner mares, geldings and stallions born in 2020 and 2019 can be registered. Inclusion in the sales collection is based on the temperament, the outer appearance, the basic gaits, the health status as well as on the basis of price expectations and recognizable basic quality. The selection, photo and video appointments for acceptance to the Breeder’s Market take place on central collection dates, which are organized on the basis of registrations. Registration is free.

The registration form for the Trakehner Youngster Breeder’s Market can be found here, and entries can also be made via the Glassy Marebook.

Upon inclusion in the auction collection, a participation fee of €200 per horse will be charged. There are no additional costs for the auction platform or photo and video creation. In the event of a sale, the Trakehner GmbH calculates a success commission in relation to the sales price. The costs of horse training are borne by the seller, the settlement takes place directly with the training stables.

Horses that are not accepted can request their video and photo material if desired. For the photo and video creation €100 will be charged. As further marketing support, the advertisement placement of the sales horse on the Trakehner sales page can also be used. Normally, the sales advertisement costs 50 euros (incl. VAT). For participants in the photo and video sessions, there is a reduced package price for photos, video and advertisement for a total of 130 euros (incl. VAT).

The planned start of the Trakehner Youngster Breeder’s Market for young riding horses is at the beginning of May. If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Sander (sander@ and Neel-Heinrich Schoof ( Please send refgistration forms to: