Neumünster (TV): For a successful application and branding you are advised to note these following points:

1. Report the birth of your foal within 28 days to the office in Neumünster on the provided notification of foaling form. In the case of a stillbirth or if the mare was scanned not in foal this should still be reported to the office. If you have not received your notification of foaling form please contact the office immediately. The allocation of branding and micro-chipping locations will be determined after the submission of the notification of foaling forms have been sent in to the Trakehner Verband.

2. Breeders that are expecting three or more foals are requested to immediately notify their regional chairman of the Verband, if you have not already done so. By agreement with the regional chairman it is possible to create an on-site branding. Branding sessions with less than three foals will be charged according to the contribution rules (6.1 Sondertermin 50,- EUR zzgl. Kilometergeld).

3. The dates will be published in DER TRAKEHNER under the association information. If you are travelling to another stud for the branding you must contact the organizer where the branding will take place to ensure that the day is well organized and runs efficiently.

4. The marking certificates and the Dam’s passport need to be brought to the registration. Without both of these it is not possible to register your foal!

You will also need your foal micro-chipped. This can either be done at the registration day of the foal by the Trakehner Verband or by the veterinarian of the breeder .The foals need to be handled and be accustomed to a headcollar and leadrope. Also, only micro-chips that are supplied by the Trakehner Verband are accepted. For any questions please contact the studbook department, Wiebke Rosenthal (, Tel. +49-43 21 – 90 27 16) or Gudula von Zydowitz (, Tel. +49-43 21 – 90 27 15).