Neumünster (TV): For a successful foal registration 2020, which is organized by the breeding districts, breeders who are expecting three or more foals should notify their regional Trakehner Verband chairman even before the birth of the foal. After a consultation, an on-site registration is possible. Special screenings for less than three foals are also possible but are charged at 150,-EUR and also a compensation cost for the comission. Please report the birth of the foal within 28 days to the Verband office in Neumünster with the notification of foaling form. If your mare has a still born foal or if the foal dies before it is registered, filling in the notification of foaling is still necessary. Breeders who miss the form for birth announcement should directly contact the office of the Trakehner Verband (Tel. 00 49 – 43 21 – 90 27 16). The birth announcement of foals can also be done online at .