Neumünster (TV): Broodmares registered at the Trakehner Verband will be automatically updated for the year 2018. This is also valid for mares which were newly graded in 2014 or whose foal was registered in 2017. This excludes those mares which drop out of breeding and which are deregistered in the office until the 31th of december (posted, via fax or email; please report the mare´s name and life number). Belated deregistrations can´t be considered for the premium invoice 2018. With the deregistration of your last active mare your membership status changes from being ordinary to being personal. Already graded mares who aren´t active in breeding at the moment but which are supposed to be covered in 2018 need a covering certificate. The owners of these mares are requested to declare the mares active in breeding at the turn of the year.